The Work.

I help individuals, children, and families develop skills for living so that they can…

…experience maximum well-being, respond beautifully to what life gives them, and become an embodiment of their values and goals

…strengthen aspects within themselves and the world around them that allow them to live more completely, experience greater joy, and find an artful balance between their hearts desires and life’s demands

…find an endless source of strength, peace, and healing within themselves so that they can make peace with the past and find courage and contentment as they approach their future.

I help children and their parents…

…find deeper connection with each other so that their family can be a source of nurturance, sanctuary, and healing.

…work together to create a culture of happiness, cooperation, and loving kindness so that they can feel empowered and successful together and as individuals.

I help people who are ready to walk boldly into their lives.

I help people who are ready to make a change.

What to expect…

You are coming to a space where you will be deeply seen and heard. You will leave with a step to take to move forward and a reminder of your greatness.

We will explore the many facets of your life and how they are expressed in body, mind. and soul as a way to identify areas where you feel balanced and strong and areas that need to be nurtured and strengthened.

The directions we take will be co-created by the both of us.

I employ a multitude of approaches. We will find the ones that are best suited to you.







Gender Identity

Identity development

Child behavior and development

Preschool – Adolescence

Young adulthood issues

Blended families


Life transitions



Foster care